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Banned In Tennessee!!

Ban Symbol

You've Been Banned!!!

Just confirmed, Roast Beef Vampire is now banned in Tennessee!  I must be doing something right.  My innocent little blog is blocked by the fascist Internet monitoring software used by the educational system of Tennessee, ths makes me intensely happy.  It is quite possible that I am banned in many other states as well.  Tennessee is clearly racist against Roast Beef Vampires and their personal opinions of movies, music, books, etc…

Maybe Bocephus can call up some of his friends within the Tennessee government or right a song about the discriminatory policies of the aforementioned government towards the Roast Beef Vampire.



In 1998 Reed Hastings founded Netflix, the lar...

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I will make this short and simple.  Netflix has signed a deal to stream programming from the CW.  This is clearly the deal that will bring in business?  I cancelled my Netflix membership two months ago, and don’t plan on going back unless they really up their game.  I need more content available for online streaming and I need your website to undergo an user friendly re-design.

What shows come on the CW?  I can honestly say I haven’t even watched commercials on the network let alone an actual show.

New Merle Haggard Release Coming Oct. 04

merle haggard

Image by whittlz via Flickr

On October 4th Merle Haggard will release a new album entitled Working In Tennessee.  The album contains eleven tracks which can currently be streamed until Sept. 30 at No Depression online.  They are also conducting a contest for a vinyl copy of Working In Tennessee.  Stay tuned for a full review after the albums release.

What do you think of the tracks?

Nic Cage, Vampire!?!

66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra) Nicolas Cage

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Just came across an interesting article concerning an Ebay auction for a Civil War era picture whose subject bare a resemblance to Nicholas Cage.  The picture does look like Nic Cage, however, the ears appear a bit off.  Of course anyone who actually believes that Cage could be a vampire can easily explain why the ears are different.  I tried to locate the actual auction but couldn’t find it.

A good friend, just alerted me to this article that depicts a portrait of Carl Adolf Feilberg, a Danish soap and candle-maker from 1835.  If you view the painting the subject has a striking resemblance to John Krasinski (Jim Halpert) of “The Office” fame.  Maybe this time-traveler, possible vampire theory has some merit?  That portrait seriously looks just like John Krasinski!

Streaming Radio Guide Is Awesome!!

No matter the radio show or format that you enjoy listening to, Streaming Radio Guide can most likely help you find it.  Once upon a more affluent time I was a subscriber to XM Radio.  I discovered Coast to Coast AM along with other talk shows that I am unable to receive via terrestrial radio.  After I cancelled my subscription to XM, I still wanted to listen to these shows.  Luckily I found Streaming Radio Guide and I have been able to listen to my shows for free!  The site allows you to search for specific shows, formats, and radio stations that are streaming online.  You can easily find programs that you like to listen to and the best part is that it’s FREE!  I encourage you to check out the site, sign up (free), and enjoy your online streaming experience.