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I Like John Mayer?

Big Sur, California

Big Sur, California

At some point around the release of “Waiting On The World To Change” my viewpoint of John Mayer changed.  I still can’t stand his earlier work, but since then I have steadily enjoyed his latest releases more and more.  No longer do I feel that he qualifies as ‘Dave Matthews Light”.

His latest album, “Born and Raised”, is a pleasant listen.  It harkens to classic laid back Southern California rock.  The songs are not heavy on electric guitar, but instead utilize soothing acoustic sounds.  A few of the songs even have a taste of “Nashville” Dylan.  “Shadow Days” is the first single off the record.  It features a catchy, almost timeless guitar riff.  Other favorites for me include “Queen of California” and “Something Like Olivia”.  Each song on the album is worth a listen.  My opinion may change but upon first listening I highly enjoyed “Born and Raised” as one of the best of the year so far.




elvis costello, villa solaria, sesto fiorentin...Sorry it’s been awhile since I last posted 😦

Two stories I have found interesting.

#1 Elvis Costello recommends fans not buy his upcoming box set.

Elvis is not happy with the price of his upcoming box set entitled “The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook”, and has asked fans to purchase Louis Armstrong recordings instead.  This is a welcome breath of fresh air from Costello.  He says that he tried to get those responsible to lower the price but his efforts were “fruitless”.   This statement by Costello gets major “dap” from me.  Paying $200-300 for a box set is a brutal sacrifice for even the most strident of fans.  Big ups to Elvis Costello.


#2 East Bound and Down will return in February!!!

Kenny Powers is set to return in February for the last season of East Bound and Down.  If you haven’t watched you should use the next two months to get caught up.  Maybe you can put the first two seasons on your Christmas wish-list.  Santa will definitely approve!

The Bakersfield Sound

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in N...

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The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum has announced a new exhibit, opening March 24, 2012, entitled The Bakersfield Sound:  Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, and California Country.  The exhibit will run for two years and will focus not only on Buck Owens and Merle Haggard but the sidemen, writers, and producers who helped develop the Bakersfield Sound.

“Narrated by Dwight Yoakam, the exhibit will explore the roots, heyday and impact of the Bakersfield Sound, the loud, stripped-down and radio-ready music most closely identified with the careers of Country Music Hall of Fame members Buck Owens and Merle Haggard” is how the Hall describes it.

I am really looking forward to this exhibit, and actually plan to make it the reason for my first visit to Country Music Hall of Fame.

New Merle Haggard Release Coming Oct. 04

merle haggard

Image by whittlz via Flickr

On October 4th Merle Haggard will release a new album entitled Working In Tennessee.  The album contains eleven tracks which can currently be streamed until Sept. 30 at No Depression online.  They are also conducting a contest for a vinyl copy of Working In Tennessee.  Stay tuned for a full review after the albums release.

What do you think of the tracks?

Streaming Radio Guide Is Awesome!!

No matter the radio show or format that you enjoy listening to, Streaming Radio Guide can most likely help you find it.  Once upon a more affluent time I was a subscriber to XM Radio.  I discovered Coast to Coast AM along with other talk shows that I am unable to receive via terrestrial radio.  After I cancelled my subscription to XM, I still wanted to listen to these shows.  Luckily I found Streaming Radio Guide and I have been able to listen to my shows for free!  The site allows you to search for specific shows, formats, and radio stations that are streaming online.  You can easily find programs that you like to listen to and the best part is that it’s FREE!  I encourage you to check out the site, sign up (free), and enjoy your online streaming experience.