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elvis costello, villa solaria, sesto fiorentin...Sorry it’s been awhile since I last posted 😦

Two stories I have found interesting.

#1 Elvis Costello recommends fans not buy his upcoming box set.

Elvis is not happy with the price of his upcoming box set entitled “The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook”, and has asked fans to purchase Louis Armstrong recordings instead.  This is a welcome breath of fresh air from Costello.  He says that he tried to get those responsible to lower the price but his efforts were “fruitless”.   This statement by Costello gets major “dap” from me.  Paying $200-300 for a box set is a brutal sacrifice for even the most strident of fans.  Big ups to Elvis Costello.


#2 East Bound and Down will return in February!!!

Kenny Powers is set to return in February for the last season of East Bound and Down.  If you haven’t watched you should use the next two months to get caught up.  Maybe you can put the first two seasons on your Christmas wish-list.  Santa will definitely approve!