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Banned In Tennessee!!

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You've Been Banned!!!

Just confirmed, Roast Beef Vampire is now banned in Tennessee!  I must be doing something right.  My innocent little blog is blocked by the fascist Internet monitoring software used by the educational system of Tennessee, ths makes me intensely happy.  It is quite possible that I am banned in many other states as well.  Tennessee is clearly racist against Roast Beef Vampires and their personal opinions of movies, music, books, etc…

Maybe Bocephus can call up some of his friends within the Tennessee government or right a song about the discriminatory policies of the aforementioned government towards the Roast Beef Vampire.


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  1. Dear Senor Vampire:
    Please watch my English, it is not fine. I am a sorry man to hear they don’t eat roast beef in Tennessee. I too live in Tennessee for some years and know they spend much of their time eating each other. So roast beef would be such an improvement for those Hell belly people. Tennessee is really just, como se dice? a hole of the sh*t place.
    Forgive my words but my anger burns against them like holding a hot pepper to mis amígdalas. Mis amigos and myself love so fine the roast beef and a few of my extraños amigos even like pork in too many places (ways?). But that is for another place to hear for me. Buena suerte to you and trabajo bueno!

    Juan Diego
    El Mierda, Kentucky (formerly known as the Mayfield, Kentucky I think so.)


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