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Face OFF!!!

Oscar the Meth Addict

Oscar the Meth Addict

The season finale of Breaking Bad was excellent!!  I won’t go into details, but if you’ve never seen Breaking Bad you need to seek it out.  Watch from the beginning and gear up for the final season.  This is one of the few must watch series on TV.  The transformation of the characters over the previous four seasons has been very intriguing and realistic.

In case you are wondering the final song in last nights episode is titled “Black” from the album Rome by Danger Mouse.  The vocals are by Norah Jones.  The Rome album is an excellent listen, very deliberate and intentional spaghetti western vibe.  Musicians from those familiar movie soundtracks were used in the recording of Rome.

Current listening: “Black” – Danger Mouse (feat. Norah Jones), “Werewolves of London” & “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner”- Warren Zevon (It’s October!), “What I Hate” – Merle Haggard, “Oh, Mama, Come Home” – Jakob Dylan