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The World According to “Keef”

Keith Richards, Rolling Stones Voodoo Loungue ...

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Life by Keith Richards is much like its author, all over the place, yet falls all in place.  As one might expect anything authored by Keith Richards this autobiography is an amusing ramble through the history of Keith and The Rolling Stones.  Keith does an excellent job of keeping the narrative moving in a somewhat linear fashion with meandering side notes that fit in precisely.  He claims to remember everything.  Which might be true, however, some events are lacking details that might reveal the real “juicy bits.”  Blame it on the fog of heavy drug use?  Keith does open up and reveal some brutal disagreements, arguments, and disappointments that have arisen between himself and other musicians.

I found the discussion of open guitar tunings to be very interesting, in addition to the tales of the Stones in the recording studio.  He is also honest about his ever-changing relationship with Mick Jagger.  Since I’ve always been a “Keef” guy I tend to believe Richards’ side of the tale.  Overall, Life, is an interesting look at the escapades of a rock-n-roll star.


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