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Four Birds With One Stone?

The Descendants (film)

I’ll make this short and sweet.  Four movies that I have seen recently; The Guard, The Descendants, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, and Young Adult.

The Guard is an Irish production that attempts to be a dark comedy.  There are some funny moments, but overall for me, not enough.  It’s fine to watch if you have nothing better to watch.


The Descendants was an Oscar contender for Best Picture of 2011, and in my opinion it should have won.  George Clooney is great as usual, but the star of the movie is Shailene Woodley.  She is excellent as Clooneys’ eldest daughter.  The great thing about The Descendants is that it seems real and plausible.  Each actor does a great job of keeping it real, Beau Bridges impersonation of his brother Jeff as “The Dude” aside, no overacting here.


Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is an old school whodunit spy mystery.  Gary Oldman plays a retired British agent challenged to find a Russian double agent planted within the inner workings of British Intelligence.  The movie is slow paced and longer than it should be.  What really disappointed me was the fact that the mole is revealed in the trailer for the movie.  I was begging for a twist to the movie but it never arrived.  Overall good movie, watch it if you have nothing better to do.


Young Adult, written by Diablo Cody, is about an adult woman who has not moved past her high school years.  The main character is wonderfully portrayed by Charlize Theron, supported by Patton Oswalt as an old classmate whom she befriends upon return to her old hometown.  Young Adult is a dark comedy, with not many laughs.  It is heavy on the dark, so if your in the mood for a depressing time check it out.  If you like Cody and her previous work you will probably like Young Adult.