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Is it wrong that this makes me so happy?


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I opened my web browser to exciting, joyous news! NBC has cancelled The Playboy Club!  Is there anyone who is shocked by this?  From the moment I learned of the shows existence I knew it would be a stinker.  I have never seen an episode, really have no problems with anyone in the cast, yet I revel in the cancellation of The Playboy Club.  I get my 60’s retro fix from Mad Men, I don’t need the weak attempts from NBC (The Playboy Club) and ABC (Pan Am).  Now I set back and wait for the cancellation of Pan Am.

Is it wrong that I love the failures of others and their horrible shows?  Seriously, how did these shows get green-lighted?  When you first learned of Playboy Club and Pan Am did you not immediately know that these shows would be total turkeys?


The Bakersfield Sound

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in N...

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The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum has announced a new exhibit, opening March 24, 2012, entitled The Bakersfield Sound:  Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, and California Country.  The exhibit will run for two years and will focus not only on Buck Owens and Merle Haggard but the sidemen, writers, and producers who helped develop the Bakersfield Sound.

“Narrated by Dwight Yoakam, the exhibit will explore the roots, heyday and impact of the Bakersfield Sound, the loud, stripped-down and radio-ready music most closely identified with the careers of Country Music Hall of Fame members Buck Owens and Merle Haggard” is how the Hall describes it.

I am really looking forward to this exhibit, and actually plan to make it the reason for my first visit to Country Music Hall of Fame.

New Merle Haggard Release Coming Oct. 04

merle haggard

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On October 4th Merle Haggard will release a new album entitled Working In Tennessee.  The album contains eleven tracks which can currently be streamed until Sept. 30 at No Depression online.  They are also conducting a contest for a vinyl copy of Working In Tennessee.  Stay tuned for a full review after the albums release.

What do you think of the tracks?


drive and shoot

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Drive is a slow paced, action, car chase movie and is highly watchable.  Drive is not your typical shoot-em up action movie.  The story line is given time to develop, and the audience is given time to learn who the characters are.  The cinematography for Drive is beautiful and the soundtrack is great.  “A Real Hero” by College has an 80’s feel to it and is used effectively throughout the movie.  The music reminded me of Twin Peaks and the way David Lynch used the same music throughout the series.  I can’t stress enough how awesome the music is and how it works so well with the movie.

All the actors in the movie performed wonderfully, with Albert Brooks playing against type.  Brooks’ performance provided comic relief just not in the usual or expected way.  My only complaint is for the first thirty minutes of the movie Gosling seems to have a Forrest Gump level of intelligence, who instead of being an idiot savant runner, is a really good getaway driver.  The last half of the movie is excellent, as Gosling’s character comes out of his shell.  Overall Drive is a good movie and worth seeing.


Current Listening:

  1. Nightcall – Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx
  2. Under Your Spell – Desire
  3. A Real Hero – College (feat. Electric Youth)
  4. I’m On Fire – Chromatics
  5. Twin Peaks Soundtrack

Did you like Drive?  Tell me what you think of the movie and the soundtrack.

Contagion, try not to catch it


Don't Catch Me!

If you really want to see Contagion, see it.  If you’re on the fence, skip it.  Contagion is not a bad movie, it’s just a very simple, predictable movie.  You should wait and view Contagion when it makes it’s way to cable.  Matt Damon and Kate Winslet both give solid performances, while the other cast mates do a respectable job as well.  Odds are, whatever you think the story of Contagion is, you know everything that happens without watching the movie.  There are several opportunities for the movie to take an exciting twist or turn but it misses everyone of them.

The movie is nicely shot, switching between traditional movie and documentary style shots.  Overall, Contagion feels like a documentary.  I highly recommend to see Contagion on television, or if you must rent it.  The movie is watchable, but not a lot of substance.


Let me know what you think.

Meet the new boss, same (kinda, sorta) as the old boss!

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Credit The Who for my post title, great song, bad story decision for The Office.  With the departure of Steve Carell last season, speculation arose as to who would be the new manager of Dunder Mifflin, Scranton.  In the first episode of the season viewers learned that Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) is now in charge.  I love the addition of James Spader as Robert California, but Helms as the new manager is basically a mirror image of Carell as Michael Scott.  I was really hoping for a different perspective from the manager character in the upcoming season.  After just one episode, it’s uncertain how Helms will evolve Andy into his new position of authority, I hope that the writers will find the proper tone for Andy Bernard as boss.

Spader always gives a great performance, but the Jedi-like mind tricks of his character will quickly become tiresome over the season.  Much like the case of writers finding a voice for Bernard, I hope the character of Robert California will develop more depth and ensure Spader’s continuation as a series regular.  I still miss Boston Legal, the chemistry between Spader and William Shatner is one of the greatest relationships on camera, I think a story with Spader and John Krasinski working together would be highly enjoyable as well.  With each new season there is renewed optimism, here’s hoping The Office can reinvigorate the series and produce smart, entertaining television once again.

What do you think of Helms as the new boss?

2 Broke Girls, 1 Broke Show

Kat Dennings

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2 Broke Girls premiered Monday night on CBS to my lackluster review.  The show centers on the life of Max (Kat Dennings) a working class street smart waitress.  She is cajoled into training Caroline (Beth Behrs) the new waitress, who is the downtrodden socialite daughter of a Bernie Madoff stand in.  As the name heavily suggests, these are two broke girls trying to get by in the cold, mean city.  After a series of misadventures the girls become fast roommates and faster friends in their shared struggle to just scrape by.  Don’t fret, however, there is light at the end of the tunnel, the girls develop a plan to raise $250,000 in order to open a cupcake shop.  The show ends with the girls current total of money raised.

Despite the heavy handed laughter from the audience “2 Broke Girls” has potential. Kat Dennings plays this sort of role well and is entertaining.  The jokes can be a little inappropriate for a network television program, especially in an 8:30 pm (E/P) time slot.  The sitcom feel of this show is a big distraction.  The audience laughter is not needed, if the writing is funny the viewing audience will laugh.  I don’t need the laughter of an audience to encourage me to laugh or to tell me a joke was funny, it actually has the opposite effect.  “2 Broke Girls” has real possibility and is worth watching for at least half a season to see how the writing and characters develop.