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Is it wrong that this makes me so happy?


Image by sygyzy via Flickr

I opened my web browser to exciting, joyous news! NBC has cancelled The Playboy Club!  Is there anyone who is shocked by this?  From the moment I learned of the shows existence I knew it would be a stinker.  I have never seen an episode, really have no problems with anyone in the cast, yet I revel in the cancellation of The Playboy Club.  I get my 60’s retro fix from Mad Men, I don’t need the weak attempts from NBC (The Playboy Club) and ABC (Pan Am).  Now I set back and wait for the cancellation of Pan Am.

Is it wrong that I love the failures of others and their horrible shows?  Seriously, how did these shows get green-lighted?  When you first learned of Playboy Club and Pan Am did you not immediately know that these shows would be total turkeys?


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