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drive and shoot

Image by LostMuzak via Flickr

Drive is a slow paced, action, car chase movie and is highly watchable.  Drive is not your typical shoot-em up action movie.  The story line is given time to develop, and the audience is given time to learn who the characters are.  The cinematography for Drive is beautiful and the soundtrack is great.  “A Real Hero” by College has an 80’s feel to it and is used effectively throughout the movie.  The music reminded me of Twin Peaks and the way David Lynch used the same music throughout the series.  I can’t stress enough how awesome the music is and how it works so well with the movie.

All the actors in the movie performed wonderfully, with Albert Brooks playing against type.  Brooks’ performance provided comic relief just not in the usual or expected way.  My only complaint is for the first thirty minutes of the movie Gosling seems to have a Forrest Gump level of intelligence, who instead of being an idiot savant runner, is a really good getaway driver.  The last half of the movie is excellent, as Gosling’s character comes out of his shell.  Overall Drive is a good movie and worth seeing.


Current Listening:

  1. Nightcall – Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx
  2. Under Your Spell – Desire
  3. A Real Hero – College (feat. Electric Youth)
  4. I’m On Fire – Chromatics
  5. Twin Peaks Soundtrack

Did you like Drive?  Tell me what you think of the movie and the soundtrack.


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