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Contagion, try not to catch it


Don't Catch Me!

If you really want to see Contagion, see it.  If you’re on the fence, skip it.  Contagion is not a bad movie, it’s just a very simple, predictable movie.  You should wait and view Contagion when it makes it’s way to cable.  Matt Damon and Kate Winslet both give solid performances, while the other cast mates do a respectable job as well.  Odds are, whatever you think the story of Contagion is, you know everything that happens without watching the movie.  There are several opportunities for the movie to take an exciting twist or turn but it misses everyone of them.

The movie is nicely shot, switching between traditional movie and documentary style shots.  Overall, Contagion feels like a documentary.  I highly recommend to see Contagion on television, or if you must rent it.  The movie is watchable, but not a lot of substance.


Let me know what you think.


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