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Opening logo to the Star Wars films

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A few years ago I would have been very excited at the blu-ray release of Star Wars.  When I first heard of the blu-ray release I was mildly interested.  The thought of shelling out $80 for the six movies (only three of which I would watch) and extras, it was a no go.  Then I discover that you can purchase the “original” trilogy for $40, a definite possibility.  I now find that George Lucas continues his personal grudge against me.  He has added scenes and dialog to the original trilogy once again.  Darth Vader was once the embodiment of the “Dark Side” now due to the prequels I no longer fear him, I feel sorry for him.  Lucas could care less if I drop $40-80 on the new blu-ray release but why does he continue to cheapen classic movies like Star Wars and Indiana Jones?  Why do people reward his “tinkering” by continuing to purchase movie tickets, videos, and merchandise?  With this latest round of “improving” Star Wars, thankfully he has improved the balance of my bank account.

In which closet did I store that old VCR?  Looks like VHS is my only option for watching these movies as they should be. In the words of the castrated Darth Vader, NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!


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