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“Up All Night” has opposite affect!

photo: NBC

The new NBC comedy starring Christina Applegate, Will Arnett, and Maya Rudolph is dreadful.  The first episode was a terrible comedic attempt of portraying how a couple’s life is changed with the addition of a newborn.  The main deficit is the “comedy”.  The pilot tries to garner cheap laughs with bleeped expletives, Maya Rudolph as a poorman’s Oprah, and comedic writing that just falls flat.  The program fails to develop any sympathy for the new parents and their changing lifestyle.  Arnett has to reside in tranquil suburban bliss caring for his child, while Appplegate returns to work as the producer of a daily “Oprah-style” television program.  In no way does the viewer feel bad or sympathize with the main characters.  “Up All Night” should be given an Ambien and put to rest forever.

On the other hand, “Free Agents” starring Hank Azaria and Kathryn Hahn, was a much more enjoyable program.  The jokes were hit and miss but the effort was there as well as interesting chemistry between Azaria and Hahn.  I think “Free Agents” can be a fairly decent comedy for NBC.  Not sure if the Wednesday time slot will be a positive, perhaps a move to Thursday would be more beneficial.  Here’s hoping that NBC will give “Free Agents” time to find an audience.


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